Zeit Bay

Port Presentation :
The Terminal at Zeit Bay is located on the western shore of the Gulf of Suez, approximately 60 kilometers north of Hurghada.Zeit Bay is an oil loading terminal which consists of two SMB΄s (Single Bouy Moorings). There is also an LPG berth
Summary :
Port Position Long : 033 36 E
Port Position Lat : 27 50 N
Terminal Type : SBM
Time Zone : GMT +2 (+/- hours)
Nearest Airport : Hurghada+private
Authority : Suez Oil Company (SUCO)
Select Maritime Contact: +30 210 9851188
Max Draft Excl Tide : 18,5 m
Max Length : m
Max DWT : 240,000 mt
Main Import : Non
Main Export : Oil & LPG
Night Navigation :
Tides : Raise of tide from 0.9 m to 1.2 m. Tidal currents around 2.5 kn. during spring and 0.5 ken at neap tides
Weather : Winds NNW΄ly. Up to force 9. Steady during summer time (May to October) and almost nil from June to September..
Working Hours: 24 hours per day.
Berthing only during daylight hours only and should be completed by 16.00 hrs

Facilities :

Tanker :1398112010_38
Liquid :1398112010_38
Gas :cancel
RoRo :cancel
Multipurpose :cancel
Breakbulk :cancel
Container :cancel
DryBulk :cancel
Passenger :cancel

Services :

Crew Change :cancel
Visa :cancel
Road Transport :cancel
Personell Transport :cancel
Floating Crane :cancel
Tug :cancel
Supply Boat :cancel

Warehouse Storage :cancel
Fresh Water :cancel
Medical Treatment :cancel
Travel Agency :cancel
Air Freight Clearance :cancel
Sea Freight Clearance :cancel
Survey :cancel

Underwater Cleaning :cancel
Provisions :cancel
Drydock :cancel
Dirty Ballast Reception :1398112010_38
Bunkers :cancel


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