Wadi Feiran

Port Presentation :
The Wadi Feiran Port is a tanker loading terminal situated on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Suez. Aprrox 150 kilometers south east of Suez
Summary :
Port Position Long : 033 14 E
Port Position Lat : 28 44 N
Terminal Type : Buoy
Time Zone : GMT +2 (+/- hours)
Nearest Airport : Suez
Authority : Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation Osman abdel Hafiez Street Cairro
Select Maritime Contact: +30 210 9851188
Max Draft Excl Tide : 14,32 m
Max Length : m
Max DWT : 60,000 mt
Main Import :
Main Export :
Night Navigation : Daytime only
Tides :
Weather : Wind from north and northwest
Working Hours: 24 hours

Facilities :

Tanker :1398112010_38
Liquid :cancel
Gas :cancel
RoRo :cancel
Multipurpose :cancel
Breakbulk :cancel
Container :cancel
DryBulk :cancel
Passenger :cancel

Services :

Crew Change :cancel
Visa :cancel
Road Transport :cancel
Personell Transport :cancel
Floating Crane :cancel
Tug :cancel
Supply Boat :cancel

Warehouse Storage :1398112010_38
Fresh Water :cancel
Medical Treatment :cancel
Travel Agency :cancel
Air Freight Clearance :cancel
Sea Freight Clearance :cancel
Survey :cancel

Underwater Cleaning :cancel
Provisions :cancel
Drydock :cancel
Dirty Ballast Reception :cancel
Bunkers :cancel

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